K-12 Market Musings: Are Educators “Brand” or “Product/Solution” Buyers?

The answer is yes…but in our experience, the product/solution comes first. The company or organization brand is the support in the decision-making mix.

Educators are world-class problem solvers. They’re constantly looking for ways to solve specific instructional or, in the case of administrators, systems or operational challenges. So when there’s a need to help students understand polynomial equations, or improve reading comprehension in the lower grade, they look first for solutions to those issues. Then, if the solutions come from a brand they know, or better yet, trust, there just may be an opportunity to move from interest to a purchase order.

When you’re building messaging, positioning, and promotional strategies in the K-12 market, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Be specific and accurate in educational product positioning and messaging.
    PD to help teachers build effective classroom management skills is different than PD to help teachers learn to integrate inquiry learning strategies into the curriculum. Focus on the specific outcomes and impacts your product or program will deliver for teachers, students, or other product users and decision-makers.
  2. Be clear about how your product or program is actually used in the classroom or learning environment.
    Whole class, small group, independent learning, learning both in class and at home…you get the picture but the more information you provide, the more teachers can “see” themselves using your products successfully.
  3. Position competitively.
    What makes your collection of online reading resources different and better than others? Why your PD programs are more effective, affordable or engaging or flexible or (your turn…pick the descriptor)? This kind of pinpoint positioning helps educators know how to think about what you’re providing.
  4. Support Your Claims with Corporate or Company Brand Reinforcements.
    We’re the company that specializes in (your niche) and supports educators with (tested, innovative, classroom-tested, teacher-developed, etc.) solutions for (your content areas or specialty). Effective products and programs that accomplish their goals from educational companies they know and trust…that’s the formula that gets you better traction in K-12 market.

If your product and company messaging and positioning are at early stages or could use a bit of a “makeover”, we can help. Let’s get the conversation started.